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About Femina

FeMiNa was created in September of 1995 and debuted online to provide women with a comprehensive, searchable directory of links to female friendly sites and information on the World Wide Web.

FeMiNa is the only website of its kind, with a comprehensive database and powerful, intuitive search engine created by Cybergrrl. Inc.

FeMiNa has a highly targeted, highly responsive audience. If you are interested in advertising on FeMiNa, click here for ad rates and details.

We are continually expanding our site, so stop by again and visit features such as our Site of the Month, FeminaMail, FeminaNet, and more. Add an exciting Femina search logo on your site! Send your female friends. And yes, guys are welcome, too.

And if you have a website that fits into one of the FeMiNa categories (or you would like us to start a new category), please email the Femina Cybrarian. Your input is so important to the success of this site for you and women and girls around the world.

If your site is a personal site, watch for our upcoming directory of women's personal homepages.

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